• zackwax1

Did we Just Become Best Friends? with @MLBMovingAvg

@zackroto talks to @MLBMovingAvg about recently joining The Athletic, a new metric replacing the quality start, a bold prediction, deep sleepers (Hibernators), how he uses projections and analyzes individual pitches. There is minimal talk of The Dexter Kitty and Barry Bonds into the Hall of Fame.

1:00 - 20/20 Vision John's bold prediction about Gerrit Cole spinning in to Paxton tangent

5:10 - Tangent on Trevor Bauer

6:25 - Tangent on Liam Hendriks

7:00 - Zack's bold prediction (Red Sox talk)

12:50 - Can we stick a fork in Samardzija, Tanaka, and JA Happ and Brooks Baseball Primer on analyzing individual pitches

26:30 - Navigating conflicting data across Savant and Fangraphs

36:00 - Dexter Kitty makes his first appearance on the podcast and reading listener reviews

41:00 - @MLBMovingAvg big announcement that he has joined the Athletic and explains the revamped money start and plus quality start

1:04:00 - Projection discussion

1:12:30 - Late round selections are not dart throws (Zack throws out a Marlin and John throws out a White Sox player)

1:21:30 - Did we just become best friends? NFBC Moving Averages

1:56:30 - We ask someone who does not care about the Hall of Fame if Barry Bonds should be in it